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Patty Hearst Net Worth

How rich is Patty Hearst?

Patty Hearst net worth:
$45 Million

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Patty Hearst net worth & biography:

Patty Hearst is an American Heiress, socialite and actress she’s a net worth of $45 million. She’s best-known for her participation together with the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) after her kidnapping in 1974. Hearst spent two years in prison for her participation; her sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter. President Bill Clinton gave Hearst a presidential pardon. She was trained at the Santa Catalina School in Monterey, as well as the Crystal Springs School for Girls in Hillsborough. Among Patty’s closest friends was Patricia Tobin, the Tobin family is the creators of the Hibernia Bank, which owns the division that Patty and the SLA robbed.

Patty Hearst Net Worth $45 Million Dollars

Patty Hearst is married to Bernard Shaw her former bodyguard, plus they have two children. The family now lives in Garrison, New York, and Hearst sometimes gives media interviews regarding the SLA incidents and she’s had some minor acting roles. There was another movie about the media craze surrounding the Symbionese Liberation Army “Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst” was directed by Robert Stone in 2004. Some of Patty’s minor acting roles are the movies Cry-Baby, Serial Mom, Pecker, Cecil B. DeMented, and A Dirty Shame. Several musical groups have recorded tunes about Hearst and the SLA like; Ice Cube’s song Cave Bitch, Frank Turner’s song, “I’m Disappeared,” and Smoke Or Fire’s song, “The Patty Hearst Syndrome”.

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